Javid Javdani


Few can claim to be as hard-working and successful in two vastly different industries at the same time as Javid Javdani. After moving to the US in 1982 in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution, Javdani worked relentlessly as a young man out of high school to make ends meet and continue his studies.  He worked at a car wash, gas station and restaurants to learn not only how to be self-sufficient through hard work, but also the ins and outs of running a business himself.  After graduating from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Javdani attended the University of the Pacific and earned his Doctor of Pharmacy, becoming licensed in California as a pharmacist in 1994 and settling in San Diego. 


Despite his success as a pharmacist, Javdani’s entrepreneurial yearnings blossomed when he wanted to open his own pharmacy.  After scouting a location, the landlord notified him of a grocery store next door whose owner was motivated to sell.  It was a very small store serving the Persian community in the Clairemont neighborhood.  Javdani took the plunge into owning an international grocery store and found quick success, tapping into other ethnicities in the area to provide specialty food and groceries.  His small grocery store grew exponentially, and he began running his own restaurant and catering hall.  Javdani continues to serve his community as a pharmacist, but he also keeps a close eye on his expanding business, all while enjoying time with his wife and daughter.